Frequently Asked Questions

Are these presentations “on demand” or are they “live”?

All presentations will air at their scheduled times, just like in a live, physical conference. Should you arrive to a presentation late, you’ll catch it already in progress. For logistical purposes, the sessions are pre-recorded although there’s great benefits to tuning-in live. You’ll be able to participate in a very lively back channel of conversation with fellow participants. If you miss out on a session, you will always have access to the video, audio, slides, worksheets, forum threads and ongoing discussion.

Will I be able to pause, rewind or fast-forward recordings?

You won’t be able to pause a presentation as it’s happening. Think of each presentation as a live event. If you show up late, you’ll miss part of it! You can, however, get access to replays. See the next question…

If I can’t catch everything live, will I have access to replays?

You may not be able to tune in for all 20 sessions of broadcasting. That’s why registration provides you with recordings (as well as all the other content) you can download, replay and glean powerful content from for a lifetime.

Do I need any special software to participate?

No, you simply need to register for the event and have a computer with access to the Internet. You DO NOT need a telephone line. After registering, you receive an email with a URL and password to access the live sessions, broadcast online.

How will I know when each presenter is speaking?

The full program schedule (COMING SOON) will be posted here for you to review. Note: the schedule is subject to change, so check the daily emails you receive before and during the course of the Summit. To convert the broadcast time from ET to your timezone, we suggest using: World Clock

Where do I go to listen the presentations?

First, you’ll need to register for RS2. Then, a few days prior to the event, we’ll send you an email with all the details—including the specific access info, and the URL you’ll need to visit in order to listen to the presentations that interest you.

How can I learn more about the speakers?

Visit the Speakers page for more information on the presentations and the presenters.

What if I have problems accessing a session?

Listening to the presentations should not be a problem, provided you have a computer, up-to-date web browser, and high speed internet connection. The discussion threads will happen live all week long (and after) via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so as long as you have an account on one or more of those social platforms (and we especially recommend Facebook, as that will be the main comment arena connected with every video session), you’ll be able to participate in the threaded conversations that will happen within our membership area. You’ll also be able to access and replay the recordings and download all the extra worksheets (PDFs) and other content.
If for any reason you have trouble, email our Operations Queen Jodi Bepler at and she will do everything she can to help you.

May I tell others about this event?

Absolutely! Help us spread the word to anyone you think will benefit from this information. All innovators, change-makers, visionaries, creatives, and leading-edge story professionals are invited and welcome! Before the Summit, you can send friends to where they can sign up for the FREE video series there. You can also send them straight to the registration page at

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