April 16 - 20, 2012 An Online Conference for Storytelling in the Digital Age
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You don’t need me to tell you – storytelling is one hot business trend. While everyone wants to be doing more of it, few understand the nuances for how to apply storytelling authentically to their brand, marketing, social media, innovation, and social change. That’s why there is so much anticipation for Reinvention Summit 2. It is set out be the most actionable and transformative learning event on the business of storytelling for the digital age. It’s going to be bigger, and badder. And we want to share the profits with you.

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3 EPIC Reasons To Become an Affiliate

#1. You’ll be associating your brand with the smoking-hot business trend: storytelling.

If you have an audience that cares about communications, they’re going to give you a high-five for sharing this content. Everyone is getting on the storytelling wagon, but few know how to authentically apply storytelling to the precise needs of their company, cause, or career. That’s the purpose behind the Reinvention Summit 2 and our 5-part free video series on storytelling.

#2. You’re promoting a FREE 5-part video series on storytelling.

What better way to win props from your list or tribe than by sharing free resources with them?

Not only will they get to learn immediately from the 5-part video series, they’ll also enjoy a complimentary download of our book – Believe Me: a Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers and Innovators (already enjoyed by more than 11,000 readers around the globe)

We’ve also pulled together some bigger and badder marketing support for you this year. This includes email/blog copy, banner ads, and tweets for you to use to keep your audience engaged and excited to participate in Reinvention Summit 2.

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#3. You get a whopping 40% commission on all sales.

If you sign on as an affiliate, you’ll get 40% commission on all sales you make. That means anyone from your list that signs up for the free video series, and later buys a ticket to Reinvention Summit 2, you earn a commission. (We use 60-day cookies to track the process.)

So for every single ticket at $197 you sell, you get $78.80! Sell 12 tickets and rake in nearly a thousand bucks.

Then, after the early bird prices are gone, you stand to make even more.

For every ticket at $297 you sell, you get $118.20, and selling just 12 of those nets a very sweet $1418.40.

Not bad for a few clicks of work! It’s our way of saying THANK YOU for promoting the Summit.

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When you click over, you’ll go straight to a registration page where you’ll set up your user name and password and indicate how you want to be paid, then it will take you direct to your affiliate center where you’ll have access to all the assets you’ll need to market this incredible event. And of course, we’ll have some media assets linked here on a Press Kit page, too.

You can start making money immediately!

Have questions? You can email our Operations Queen Jodi Bepler at and let her know what she (or any of us here on the Reinvention Summit team) can do to help you.

You’ll also benefit from the proven success of the first Reinvention Summit in 2010.

While we’re still learning, this ain’t our first rodeo.

The original Reinvention Summit in November 2010 was a huge DIY success. With 37 speakers, 560 participants, and 5,000 tweets, we generated tons of buzz and attention across the Internet.

Our all-star line-up included Nancy Duarte, John Gerzema, Annette Simmons, John Elkington, David Siteman Garland, Alexis Neely, Steve Denning and Lance Weiler. Media partners included Copyblogger, PSFK, TalentZoo, and CSRwire.

Building on the success of our first Summit, we’re building even more buzz and massive support this time around.

People know they’ll experience transformative insights. And they want it.

Reinvention Summit is a proven formula. It delivers some of the most immersive learning people have experienced on the web, and around a topic (storytelling) that lends itself to networking, relationship-building, and inspiring dialogue. The demand for Reinvention Summit 2 is huge. People are hungry for more learning on storytelling (which means you don’t have to be pushy when it comes to promoting all this).

Here’s just what some participants from the first summit have said:

The Reinvention Summit blasted any doubt I had about meaningful communities coming together online. A great rapport occurred globally, and the leadership, facilitation and open space created by Michael and the design team leaders was remarkable. The energy and courage was palpable, and the recognition that telling the whole story of one’s life, and one’s passions has powerful traction.”Andrew Melville, Director, Spoke 


It provided an astonishing array of high-quality presentations, full of well-respected luminaries in the storytelling and related fields — at mind-bogglingly accessible prices. Participants enthusiastically gulped from a fountain of knowledge, expertise, and practical ideas. The summit also forged a rabidly devoted community.”Kathy Hansen, Blogger, A Storied Career


The Reinvention Summit awakened my awareness of the storytelling tribe, which is an amazing community of diverse and talented professionals. I learned a lot both from the speakers at the summit and from the community participating. Once I got involved, I canceled my other appointments to attend every session. It was incredible.”Jocelyn Wallace, Founder, Red Eleven Group, LLC


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